Visiting Madanapalle

We’d love to have you over. Do take an appointment first as infrastructure is not geared at present for too many visitors at one go. For the same reason,  please plan for additional stay beyond one night, by exploring local accommodation in Madanapalle town.  Thanks.

Thanks to Shirish - Here is the google maps link (added 22 June, 2014)

This page has information on Visiting Madanapalle

PGS to Madanapalle

PGS   –  Somala  –  Chowdepalle  –  Punganur (turn Right)  –  Madanapalle

(9 kms)      (10 kms)         (20kms)                           (26kms)

From Madanapalle ask for Bangalore Road (see ‘additional help on Bangalore Road, when coming from M’palle’ below)

Chittoor to Madanapalle

Chittoor – Palamaner – Punganur – Madanapalle – (then ask for Bangalore Road)

Additional help, when arriving from Madanapalle town and taking ‘Bangalore Road’

In Madanapalli ask for P&T Colony…….go to the end of colony and ask for Ramreddy colony and the for “GUEST HOUSES”…..local people and three wheeler drivers refer to Sirs’ residence and the buildings around as “GUEST HOUSES”……another pointer  from residents around the area…..The School for children which provides food…

Coming from Bangalore via Bangalore International Airport

There is a 6 lane highway upto Bangalore International Airport, that leads up to Devanahalli. You can take this route, if you are coming to Madanapalle from western or central parts of Bangalore or if you are landing at the airport with intent of taking a taxi to Madanapalle.

Please drive into Devanahalli town (do not take the Devanahalli bypass) and take a right towards HD Cross. GPS should also work. After reaching HD cross, driving directions are identical to below

The driving directions from Bangalore to Sir’s place in Madanapalle are as follows

Reset speedometer at KR Puram Cable Stayed Bridge (top of the bridge) – going towards Kolar (NH4)

  • 02.0 Km – KR Puram town Crossing (traffic lights)
  • 11.8 Km – Toll gate
  • 15.1 Km – Indian Oil Petrol Bunk on left side. Veer left. Do not take the flyover.  (There’s small hoarding/sign that says turn Left for Chintamani)
  • 15.8 Km – Take left from road under flyover.

Please note that you are now on SH 82. This will continue throughout (keep a look out for SH 82 on kilometer marks)

  • 17.2 Km – Veer right (at the Y fork)
  • 17.5 Km – HP Petrol Bunk on left
  • 33.2 Km – Nandagudi. Keep going.
  • 33.6 Km – Continue straight (Do not take right turn)
  • 38.0 Km – Bharat Petroleum Petrol Bunk on  left. Keep going.
  • 38.9 Km – H Cross. Continue straight.
  • 50.4 Km – Kaivara Cross on your left. Pl. keep going straight.
  • 56.1 Km – Indian Oil Petrol Bunk on Right Side
  • 56.7 Km – Take road veering right (at the Y fork). Chintamani Bye Pass. Next 6 Km, watch out for cross roads and side traffic
  • 62.5 Km – Tea shops on left (in case you want to stop for a tea break)
  • 78.4 Km – Keep going straight. Road from Kolar joins from right.
  • 101.6 – Enter Andhra Pradesh
  • 103.3 – Sales Tax Check post. Keep going. You may have to stop, for a routine check.
  • 109.5 – Silomaye Eye Hospital on your right. You are nearing destination now.
  • 111.0 – Pass through village
  • 111.5 – Milk chilling center on right
  • Look for this sign on the right of the road now
  • Immediately thereafter, you should see these two houses on the left of the road. Look for the sign in the red circle, more closely
  • This sign can be seen in more detail here. You have to take the left turn in, on this sign.
  • Just in case, you want to see the sign in its full glorious majesty, here it is :)
  • Continue bumping (driving) along this road ..
  • Keep going, you are doing just fine. The bumpy part is about 500 meters (and is good for the digestion!)
  • And finally, almost there. Look for the D-gate (in circle). You have to arrive there
  • Park your car and Sir’s house is called, “snowwhite’. It is on the right side of the road as you approach from this direction

In case you missed the left turn at ‘Joshi’s’ :) – never fear! here is a 2nd route, a little thereafter

  • As soon as you go past the divider on the road (the divider now starts), look out for a ramp (turn) on your left.
  • Take the ramp up (you should see a chicken shop to your left and a chemist shop to your right)
  • This will lead you to a small temple with ‘Aum’ written on it in Sanskrit.
  • Veer left and continue
  • Enter the Goal post (D-type) kind of iron structure to ensure no heavy vehicles disturb the serenity around the Master’s residence.

The Satsang Foundation, founded by Sri M, is a meeting point for spiritual seekers of all persuasions. Apart from this primary function, the Foundation extends a helping hand to the less privileged of the society.