Meet Sri M in U S A 2017

  • Date :

    14th July - 18th September 2017

  • Time :

    As per Schedule

  • Venue :

    As Per Program

Sri M will be in the United States from from 14th July to 18th September 2017 where a few public events, retreats and group meetings are scheduled. The tentative itinerary of the visit has been given below as a link. Please get in touch with the respective contact persons for further details. Do watch this space for further updates, if any.

Please read through the following guidelines before you go through the itinerary:

1) Registrations are required where specifically mentioned.
2) Please register only to the relevant registration link against the city/sector of your choice. Public / Informal Satsangs do not require any registration.
3) On registering for a group meeting, the person making the registration will receive an acknowledgement mail within a few days. All information regarding the date, time, group number & venue address will be given only after the registration closes for that particular venue.
4) If a group registration is made, then all communication will be sent ONLY to the email Id of the person making the registration and NOT to the individual members of his/her group. It will be the responsibility of the person who makes the registration to pass on the information to the others who are part of his/her group.
5) All registrations will close 10 days prior to the commencement of the programs in the particular city/sector.
6) Please mention the subject as ‘2017’ along with the city /sector of participation. E.g. 2017 New York in any enquiries/communications to the email ids provided, to ensure a quick response.
7) Please note that all donations are voluntary and any cheques should only be made in favour of ‘The Satsang Foundation

USA 2017 – Program

Join the Conversation

  1. Molly Jaye says:

    I had the privilege of meeting Sri M during the Walk of Hope in Punjab. I live in the USA part of the year between California/Oregon and Hawaii.
    I would be delighted to meet up with Sri M again and I would be delighted to help out in any way possible.
    Many pranams,
    Molly Jaye

  2. Mr Girish Chandra says:

    Is there any plan for Sri M to visit London? I will be delighted to host (or help in hosting) him and his entourage in London. Please do let me know.

  3. Bhavani says:

    i would like my friend to meet master in New Jersey – please could I have the contact person’s name and ph# to pass onto my friend – so she can register for the talk there and group meeting. Thanks – Bhavani

  4. Is there any possibility of hosting Shri M in Chicago during his travel to the US in 2017 summer?
    Pl let me know what would be involved ifor Shri M’s stay and travel.
    Nila Vora

  5. Santsoh Shinde says:

    We are very excited of Sri M’s visit to Saint Louis. Let us know how we can assist.

  6. We are part of a large group that will eagerly look forward to his satsang in Atlanta. We would be greatly honored to host Sri M and his fellow travellers, if those arrangements have not already been made.

  7. Hi please notify me of all events in india and us. I am in bhubaneswar and will be in us in early may.


  8. Keshav Joshi says:

    It is our great fortune that he is visiting Saint Louis. I shall be happy to host his stay in Saint Louis if he is willing to spend longer period of time in Saint Louis.

  9. Nirmita Sanghavi says:

    Please send me correct email cpntact for New Jersey USA.Somehow unable go through. Current two emails.