Retreat at Badrinath with Sri M | 7 – 15 October 2018 | Registrations Closed !

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    7-15 October 2018

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The Satsang Foundation Delhi Kendra welcomes you to the much awaited 2018 BADRI RETREAT-CUM-YATRA with Sri M !

Registrations are now Closed. Thank you for the overwhelming response.

Dates: 7th to 15th October 2018

Brief Itinerary

7th October – Arrival at Haridwar
8th October – Rudraprayag
9th – 13th October – Badrinath
14th October – Rudraprayag
15th October – Reach Haridwar for onward return journey

The difference in prices between packages A & B is on account of the quality of hotels and mode of transport.

Package A : Rs 33,000 per person


• Accommodation in Category A Hotels at Haridwar, Rudraprayag & Badrinath on 3 to 4 sharing basis.
• All meals : Breakfast at the hotel, Lunch, Dinner and Tea at the Dining venue
• Transport in Innovas with 5pax per vehicle.
• Shuttle service from hotels at Badrinath to the satsang venue and back
• Day Trip to Mana Village

Package B : Rs 27,000 per person


• Accommodation in Category B Hotels at Haridwar, Rudraprayag & Badrinath on 3 to 4 sharing basis.
• All meals : Breakfast at the hotel, Lunch, Dinner and Tea at the Dining venue
• Transport by 21 seater Deluxe mini-bus – with 20 pax
• Shuttle service from the hotel at Badrinath to the satsang venue; satsang venue to dining venue & back to the hotel
• Day Trip to Mana Village

Package C : Rs 9,700 per person

This option is for those who don’t mind roughing it out. Those opting for this package must reach Badrinath directly on 9th October 2018 on your own.

Includes :-

• Accommodation on 3 to 4-sharing basis in Punjab & Sindh Kshetra Dharamshala from 9th to 13th (5 nights) which is also the satsang venue
• Breakfast (10th to 14th October)
• Lunch & Dinner at Khak Chowk (Dining venue) with other participants

It DOES NOT Include :-
• Hotel stay enroute to Badrinath & return
• Transport to and from Badrinath. To be arranged on your OWN to reach Badrinath on 9th October and return on 14th October
• Day trip to Mana
• Hot water for bathing (costs about Rs 50/per bucket)



1. Closest Air-port: Jolly Grant – Dehradun. (Approx 2 ½ hrs drive to Haridwar)
2. Trains from Delhi to Haridwar are many – we recommend Delhi-Dehradun Shatabdi Express (Dep. 6.45am – arrival Haridwar 11.45am)
3. Haridwar can be reached by car/taxi from Delhi – approx. driving time is 8 hours


Children below 10 years are NOT ALLOWED. Children aged 10 years and above will be charged the full amount. Parents with children are requested to ensure that satsangs are not disturbed.
• In case of cancellation : Temporary/Registration numbers CANNOT be replaced by others of your choice
• Payments made CANNOT be adjusted against dues from other participants.
• Room allocation will be at the discretion of the organisers. We may have to break groups according to genders hence you will be required to pack individually
• Temperature: It will be very cold. Max:10 degrees Celsius, Min : -5 degrees Celsius. You will be required to pack adequate warm clothes in limited quantity.
• Altitude: about 12000 feet. Participants with respiratory ailments or those affected by altitude must have their medication at hand. Please note – medical aid is available but choice is limited. The organizers will not be held responsible for any mishaps

Payment Confirmations, Notifications and updates will be e-mailed to the registered email addresses ONLY (Form 1). If others are registered from the same e-mail ID then make sure you inform the others. Please read the form carefully before submitting.


Registrations are now Closed. Thank you for the overwhelming response.

1. Click on the Link (Form 1) provided – fill and submit
2. If you make it, you will receive a TEMPORARY number with further instructions on the payments to be made along with the link to Form 2. It must be sent within 7 days else the TEMPORARY number will be allocated to a wait-listed participant. Please note that Temporary numbers will not be given immediately. We will inform every applicant on the status of their application – kindly avoid calling or mailing for status till you hear from us.
3. On receipt of the payment, your REGISTERED number will be sent along with a link to Form 3 to confirm your travel details.


Please be assured that we will be considering the difference in time zones for your registration.


For queries e-mail at ‘’ and as subject enter “QUERY from….(name or temporary/registration number)”

Call only if very urgent :
Shalini Kalra Jacob: 9711325000
Jai Varma : 9899134500
Bela Mahendru : 9810155948

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  1. Lalita Balasubramamium says:

    We have missed the registration for Badrinath retreat. I would like to add myself and Madan Mohan for this retreat. Please message us when there’s a vacancy.

    Mobile No: 9840775545




  2. Arti Srivastava says:

    Sir / Madam
    Due to some personal family problem, I missed Registration for Badrinath retreat. I had attended Rishikesh retreat last year and was waiting for Badrinath retreat since then.
    I, therefore, request you to consider may candidature for this retreat if some vacancy arises.
    My mobile no is 9423577023
    Arti Srivastava

  3. Vishu Hegde says:

    Missed the registration window 🙁 Sincerely hope I can get in waiting list. But I’m noticing so many people sending similar messages. May be another batch can be made?

  4. My mother was eagerly waiting for this but unfortunately she couldn’t register on time please add her into the waiting list her name is Chandrika Devi mobile number+917025869107


    Please put my husband, John Machell and myself, Phyllis Victory, on your wait list.
    Thank you,

  6. Suchitra Parikh says:

    Please put us on the Wait List for Badrinath retreat.
    1. Tejal Amin
    2. Suchitra Parikh
    3. Pradeep Sonia

    Thank you so much!

  7. Salil Mathur says:

    Jai Guru,
    Please add me to the waiting list.

    Br, Salil

  8. Tanuja Swamy says:

    Sadden that the registration is already closed. Had check website on 20th May and their wasn’t any update.
    And today after getting ping on Satsang Foundation Broadcast at 12.17 pm when I check the link and it says Registration closed.
    Guruji pray.. please please enable by participation in the satsang.

  9. neeraj thakur says:

    waiting list please pretty please /\

  10. Pratishtha says:

    Consider me also in waiting list.
    Thank you

  11. Biswajit says:

    I am disappointed that I couldn’t register for the Badrinath retreat with Sri M this year.
    Yesterday, I opened this site in the morning and registrations hadn’t opened and today it is closed. Anyway, kindly inform me if you happen to have a slot open in the near future for a single person. Package A or B will do.

    Dr Biswajit Barik/M/45yrs
    Mob: 9861577470

  12. HAREESH T says:

    I am very interested to participate in this pilgrim with Guru but unfortunately i could not registered on time . please inform me if chance or call me 9747172230

  13. Jaideep Verma says:

    Is there a waiting list in case of any cancellations pls

  14. This registration closed very quickly. Please put me in the waiting list.

  15. anand aravindakshan says:

    Dear sir,

    Kindly please participate above mentioned programme. Because i waiting for my guru’s. I am from kerala , Kochi. Contract number. 9656767266.

  16. Prasad Ranade says:

    Disappointing. Registration closed faster than train reservation.

  17. The badri registerations just opened and the Google form 1 is already not accepting any more responses.
    Is there an error or is it already full.
    Pl notify if there is any scope.

  18. BPPUTHRAN says:


    Please notify me the temporary number in order to make the payment. thanks

  19. Kiran vaghela says:

    Is it possible to have a single room instead of sharing? I appreciate the charges will be more. Thank you.

  20. Pl.register me in group A.

  21. Dr nirmal says:

    What is to be do done at badrinath from 9 to 13 for 4 days

  22. Soumini Vijayasarathy says:

    Eagerly awaiting news on the registration, thanks

  23. haris pk says:

    Please inform me when the registration starts.Thanking you.

  24. Santosh says:

    Let me know when the registration will open

  25. Any updates about registration?

  26. Pls register me

  27. Please let me know when the registration opens

  28. Sunita Tiwari says:

    Want to be a part of the retreat, please tell us when are the registrations starting
    Thank you

  29. Good Morning All

    Please keep me posted on registration procedures


  30. Prasad Ranade says:

    Seriously looking forward to register for this program

  31. K S Sudersanan says:

    I am eagerly waiting for joining the retreat at Badrinath. Please announce when the registration will commence and how to register.

  32. Please let us know the time/date when you will open the registration.
    Shweta Bodas

  33. Souvik Guha says:

    Would be very grateful if a mail can be sent when registration will open.

    Thank you


  34. Dr. O.P. Nagpal says:

    Registration begins today onwards or later. Kindly notify so that we don’t miss the chance of registration.

  35. Soumini Vijay says:

    Hello! Would love to know about the registration procedure for the Badrinath trip this October 🙂
    Thank you.

  36. Dear Team, Please let us know the procedure as its 20th May

  37. Sachin Malvankar says:

    I would love to be part of this journey to badrinath.
    I am very keen to join this Satsang retreat ! Can you kindly send the notification to my email id when registration opens !

    Thank you & Regards

  38. Pray that we be allowed to register for the Sri Badrinath ji Retreat with Sri M.Please let me know on when you start. Thanks and regards…

  39. Narendra patel says:

    Today is 20th may ,can i pray for reg.?

  40. Minakshi singh says:

    I would love to be part of this journey to badrinath.

  41. we are interested. hope and pray for an opportunity.

  42. Dilip khotkar says:

    I am very keen to join this Satsang retreat ! Can you kindly send the notification to my email id when registration opens !

    Thank you & Regards

  43. i’ll be leaving for the USA on 21st May and am back on 4th June.

    Will try my best to register, but pl. do keep a seat for me if i’m unable to register due to my travel schedule.

    i’ll not want to miss it.

    i came looking to register today, but it seems it will happen after 20th May.

    God bless you all!

  44. Pl update on badrinath registration

  45. Vishu Raparti says:

    Please notify when registration is open.

  46. Can I get a notification when the registration for Badri retreat is open?

  47. D Sathya says:

    Please take my name

  48. Jyoti Pillai says:

    I would like to register for Sri M Sir’s retreat at Badrinath in October. Please keep me posted about it through email. Thank you.

  49. Vasudevan says:

    Dear sirs
    I am interested in the badrinath trip.i am not a seeker but after reading sree m book, I am quite interested to attend his satsang. I am very keen especially when he is doing one in Himalayas.

    Looking forward to be part of the journey if he wishes. Brgds

  50. Ramkumar Bharadwaj says:

    Please let me know when registrations open.