PM Narendra Modi says Walk of Hope’s inclusive nature will positively impact communal harmony in India

Sri M met with the Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi in Bengaluru on 3rd April, 2015. At their meeting in Raj Bhavan, Bengaluru, Sri M briefed the Prime Minister on the Walk of Hope initiative, its objectives and the progress so far since the Walk began.

PM Narendra Modi with Sri M at Bengaluru-April 2015

The PM lauded the Walk of Hope for its inclusive nature and extended his whole-hearted support for the unifying endeavour.

The Walk of Hope, led by Sri M, reached Bengaluru on 28 March 2015. The Walk passed through parts of the Bangalore City on April 3,4,5, and leaves Bangalore on 10th of April 2015.

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  1. Aditya Sonavane says:

    Pranaam Sri M,
    I am a spiritual and sincere knowledge seeker and am blessed to read your life journey therough your book- ‘ Apprenticed to a Himalayan master’.
    I dont know if you will see my comment, as you haven’t replied to any.
    I am grateful to you and you are one of my inspirations.
    Somewhere and sometime in life I will to become your helping hand in the process of uplifting the humanity, to provide helping hand to your mission.
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart , may your blessings be with me and all the noble souls.


    Aditya Sonavane.

  2. After reading your autobiography I felt that you are a symbol of both knowledge and peace. I give my pranam to Shri M.Om Sai ram.

  3. Sunil Raval Ahmedabad. says:

    Namaskar sir,

    I have read your book autoboigraphy.
    There is no date and year written in books.In all photographs there is no date and year.You spent 10 years in J.Krishnamurti’s foundation but from which year to which year ? Your journey to Himalaya,your marrage,you meet your Guru but in which year ?You meet Shantanandgiri ( YSS )in Dakshineswar but in which year ?
    Sunil Raval Ahmedabad.(kriya Yogi)

  4. I met Sri M in Varanasi and BHU and heard him.
    I have read his book and seen the UTube where SriM delivered series of lectures.
    I wish Asha Yatra all the good wishes.
    When he reaches Jammu I may join him to walk to Shrinagar.
    My son in law is an officer in Indian Army and he also met Shri M with me and Sri M blessed us to join him at Patnitop.

  5. Sanjay Gosavi says:

    Namskar to all mighty and Shri.M for sharing glimpse of guru shishya edifices

  6. Ravindra uniyal says:

    Sir please tell me…..When i will meet my guru….and how i will identify him…

  7. Sir I read your Autobiography & highly impress by it. Certainly it is guiding & real path showing to the true God seakers Hoping your guidance in my spiritual life Thanks & Pranam from bottom of my heart.

  8. Çhaŕañ spaŕsh –

  9. Shibu M Nair says:

    Om Sri Sai Ram ….my pranam to swami….pranam to shree M…..

  10. M C SEKHAR says:

    reading your book on Apprenticed to a Himalayan master was a n eyeopener to me and any one-reading it . your meeting with someone under a jack-fruit tree are great .
    wish you could guide many spiritual seekers on the right path of evolution.including me if i could say so !

    after reading that book and a visit to shridi baba in Nasik was great inspiration for me because i could see from the angle as given in your book
    that incident about the fire ball and naga raja coming out of it is great experience
    since then i always viewed snakes with respect …

  11. Nihal A.Waghchoure says:

    Namaskar Sir,
    Sir,I read your Autobiography which was given to me, by one of my Uncle.
    His sister was saying that you met her in Shirdi last year or before that 2013.She advised her brother to read your Autobiography and he read it.
    After reading it ,he gave that book to me and that book proved to the one of the best book of my life.This book was like a Holy book for me.I remember the 12 th chap of that boo k, which was didicated to MAI MAA the ever loving Mom not only for u but also for me.That chap was a heavenly Chapter for me.
    Sir,as you were searching for your Guru many years ago even I am going through the same thing now.
    I would really like to meet you and hug you, but I don’t know when this day will rise.I bow before your Guru Shri.Maheshwarnath ji and all other Guru’s who played an important role to Mould your life on this spiritual path.

  12. kanta khemka says:

    My pranam to gurudev.

  13. kanta khemka says:

    Notify me of new posts by email.

  14. My respected Pranaams at the Lotus Feet of Sri M. I am very fortunate to hear about Sri M through my son. I am so confident that His walk of Hope is going to bring lot of positive changes in our great spiritual country since it is not an ordinary walk. I hope that with the blessings of Sri M, and my Master, I will get an opportunity to walk with Him and the people.

  15. dhirendra das says:

    I am prostrating before thy HOLY FEET.-CHARANARAVINDE now and for ever.

  16. My heartfelt wishes to the cause.pranam to shree M.