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  1. How any one gets annoyed with plant-leaves?leaves r not garbage,can be used as compost fertilizer. It’s inhuman to to throw dirty toxic wastes in front of others’ entrance to take revenge for harmless plant-leaves which r useful as organic fertilizers

  2. leelasastry says:

    SRI M ,

    I tried to plant trees on the road side in both sides in our street . I planted sapplings , watered them and gave even homeopathic medicines for their healthy growth . But they were cut off by the people in front of whose houses they have spread the branches because the leaves are shed during autumn . I took care while planting that they are not exactly opposite to their entrances . I planted side ways only . In front of our house also I planted
    trees which have become very big , for which daily I am facing problems with neighbours who throw all their waste in front of our gate ,saying they do not like leaves in front of their houses and since I have not cut the trees off , they are doing that in vengence . When all the muck is thrown there , all the people going on the road or colony people also bring all the wastes including sanitary towels from their houses and throw in front of our houses . I am sick and tired of this practice of those people.