Sri M said…

Sri-M-18Patience is of the essence because when everybody is swimming along the stream and allowing themselves to be carried away by the stream in one direction, one person in a million is changing direction and trying to swim against the stream, so it is not easy. So, therefore, to get it done, one has to have infinite patience, there is no other way but to have infinite patience. But keep attempting. Constantly applying yourself to get this done (change) in your own self is the only way out.

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    now I am at Kerala


    Sir,I wish to meet u if possible at Madanappally or elsewhere around September

  3. AMRISH SINHAA says:

    Obviously Sir. One must require lot of patience, you correctly advised for infinite patience if one wishes to swim against the stream, else one should swim with the stream. Swimming with the stream is an event takes place in concurrence with the nature but swimming opposite the stream means one has to either make the nature in one’s favour. If one wishes to swim with the nature, one flows with the nature and gets pleasure and self-contentment, bliss too….


    but one who has realized fact still in the flow of stream?


    jai gurudev

  6. According to my knowledge, everything has a limit in the same way what is the use of CHANA when a person has no teeth. ? Madhavgopalpande_09820349276.

  7. You are right Sir . I agree that Patience is one of the most potent tool in the way to clear all obscuration of mind.

    Thank you Sir . All Masters have thought the same truth but in different forms . You to Sri M are a master.