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Sri-M-28It is possible to live in this world and still reach spiritual fulfillment, all at the same time, provided we know what rules to follow, what regulations to adhere to, and what traffic signals to watch for. We should know where we should over-speed, where we should slow down, what is the speed limit, where are the signals we have to watch for and so on. We can use this world as a finishing school to graduate to the higher realms of consciousness.

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  1. Sound polution,use of Dolbi in processions&near festival Pedals is now a days becomre Fashin to show strength,polticians suport it in the name of giving out-let to energy of Young Generation,peace that we are loosing slowly&silently,it is realy need of time to See Within,&what one can do achieve,what is within. shripad phatak,pune.