Sri M said….

Plato has said it brilliantly. He says ‘there are two eternal things in this universe– one ‘Is’ and is never becoming and the other ‘is not’ but is ever becoming’. That ‘becoming’ is what is known as ‘jagat‘. That movement – it is physical as well as psychological. For example, ‘I don’t have something, I must get it’ – a psychological movement. Physical – ‘I am in this location, I must move to that location’. The world is rotating all the time and also revolving around the geocentric system. So, that constant movement is called ‘jagat‘.

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  1. Om Shri Gurubhyo Namaha

  2. Mr R C Dey says:

    Respected Sir, Our ancient sages have rediscovered or reinvented or reengineered a beautiful configuration of the two Platonic realities(is and is not) in the truth of hamanity .Here lies the greatness of the oriental philosophy, mysticism and spiritual yoga system , All the paradoxes and contradictions of realities have been resolved in the glorious truth of our humanity
    With due regards. I remain
    Spiritually yours
    Mr R C Dey