Sri M said…

Sri-M-5Kundalini is considered by the Tantras to be the manifestation of the infinite supreme energy called ‘Parashakthi’ or ‘Bhawani’ in the human being. It’s said to reside in potent form, not active but inactive, at the base of the spinal cord, coiled like a spring. It’s depicted in the Tantric symbology as a snake coiled three-and-half times around itself, waiting to be awakened by the spiritual practitioner.

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  1. Sir.
    Would you please Gurudiksha to devotees who is egerly awayiting for selfrealisationself realisation.
    Shri Gurubgyo Namah.

  2. K. Bhanumurthy says:

    I have been hearing about the KUNDALINI and may be I not fortunate enough to meet some one who has the knowledge to awaken it and he him self has seen it awakened.

  3. Mantra Tantra Simply be and be compassionate to all it is enough, stop this constant striving for some insane God of the Ego ! Who wishes to be divine.
    We are all divine only the striving covers the true self.