Sri M said…

Sri-M-10Praying is a beautiful psychological exercise. Here, you want to come out of the circumstances that limit your progress. But upon finding that the mind with its present conditioned capacity cannot help it, you are trying to appeal to the higher mind to bring about a breakthrough, so that you can reach what normally cannot be reached. This is prayer.

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  1. rohit rathee says:

    Surely, keeping the Almighty God Lord Shiva always in our heart is the only way to happiness satisfaction. No other thing can give a person the satisfaction. Once we submit ourselves to the Almighty Lord all our problems become his own and we need not care of anything. He takes care of everything then. And he knows very well what we need the most and he give that thing to us even without asking. The one word “Bholenath” is the most appropriate for him because he is a “bhola”. Nothing is more pleasurable than the nearness to the Bholenath.

  2. Dr. Jeanne Burckhardt says:

    This is an excellent description of prayer. Thank you.