Sri M said…

Sri-M-11We want to be happy; we desire all that brings happiness. The only problem is we think it is going to be permanent. Although life’s experience speaks otherwise, we tend to believe that life is one smooth, beautiful, happy feeling, which it isn’t and when this occurs, we are plunged into depths of sorrow.

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  1. guru ji i dont know how to wish on ur birth day i know u through ur web site i read ur daily quotes and they all give me power to deal with day today life if u are a lamp in my life i wish that this lamp should be more bright day by day i want to meet u how i dont know but lot many thanks for spreding wisdom to ignorant

  2. Kulkarni M.H. says:

    Shri gurubhyo namaha
    Happy birthday Guruji

  3. जनम दिन की हार्दिक शुभ कामनाए
    आपकी कृपा हम सब पर अविरल बरसती रहे
    प्रभु की अनुकंपा हम सब पर बनी रहे
    इन भावनाओ और शुभकामना सहित
    पुष्पेद प्रताप सिंह