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  1. Dear Sumeet and Sarath! meet Sri M ji when He is reaching Delhi on his Walk of hope program f u wish to meet him.
    Nirvi chitchitha virodha is mentioned by sadadiva Brahmenderam in His yoga book and also reiterated by other Saints.
    This is my humble reply as I thought it is j duty to share when I know the answers to ur questions.

    • Dear Dr. Umesh Ji,

      I stay in Mumbai, but a frequent traveller to North. I am trying to join the walk of hope for 2-3 days at some point in time.

      I am sincerely looking forward to meeting Sri Madhukarnath Babaji after the completion of walk of hope at Satsang foundation.

      Thanks indeed Umesh Ji.

  2. nirvi chitta virodha, Siir in which upnishad is it written? isho upanishad or madukya,
    need your suggestions for serving and finding home,

  3. Dear Madhukarnath Babaji,

    Yes, The problem is indeed the mind. Then, What should I aim to do? to control the mind or simply try to silence it? The mind can only understand the tangible through organs of perception; then, how do I train my mind to look beyond what it can perceive? How do I convince the mind that it is all through interacting with the unreal (the Mithya) How do I make my mind understand that the reality exists within? How can I make my mind look inward? Babaji, please help

  4. Thank u for ur kindness to children of the society may I join with u

  5. sangeeta gundecha says:


  6. Dear Teacher, my pranam to u, i read your autobiography last year when i was asking god to give me some good book to read, & it wsa your autobiography which was shining in a corner in the book shop in gurgaon. i find the serpent kingdom intriguing & your experieces, i had some experiences which i want to share directly with you & nobody else in whenever meet u. i had the privilege of meeting you at Bhartiya vidya bhawan delhi, in your stasng, i really liked when u were angry with others when they were making departments for the Walk of Hope…in your lecture, yes true spirituality is for all to discover. Now i m residing in Kolkata, Need your guidance on the path, fo u have seen the path. Namaste & Pranam