Sri M said…

Sri-M-16If it is difficult for you to do service and purify yourself to the state of attaining the capacity to meditate, simply surrender yourself to me. Then, your mind is automatically controlled to give up the fruits of all your actions. Work, but surrender the fruits to the Lord, because I am the agent and I am the enjoyer.

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  1. i will try defiantly sir. thanks a ton.
    i would like to keep in touch the post related to meditation.

  2. Dear Sri Madhukarnath Babaji,

    In spite of strong desire to serve not only the mankind, nut also animal and plant kingdom, I am still struck in the web of struggle for existence. How can I come out of this struggle for existence and get rid of social duties to focus on the larger? My heart is yarning to surrender to a Guru, but can’t come out of my social obligations.

    I am willing to only work for the GOD and not expect any thing. How can I serve God while fulfilling social obligations? Please guide me.

  3. Namaskar sir, please guide me more about meditation. i am yet not able to do better. please help me.

  4. Bhupinder Singh says:

    Thank you, Ok surrendered.
    Why do you state your self enjoyer?

  5. thank you teacher for reminding me