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  1. sir,its a universal truth,we are experincing.I tried to predict earthquakes,results fantastic,no cognigence by media/govt.Earthquakes are taking place allaround from Afganistan to Mynmar,japan,North India,bihar,Andman etc however heat awaves increase,rain will follow to calm the situation with Monsoon coming earlier this year,only what is reqiired Patience,as you said!shripad phatak,pune.

  2. Dear Madhukarnath Babaji,

    Our ego alone reacts to the criticism; but not the self. If we have concord ego, then I believe that we can negotiate any amount of criticism. Once, ego is silenced, naturally we will have immense patience. Then, there is no agitation, no anger either! So, is silencing of our EGO is the key to getting God’s grace?

    Should I learn to suppress my ego; or else, should I try to bring out my self outside it and then, look at my own ego rather as a third person? Which do you think is a better option?