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  1. A 6.5mb quake jolted Hindukush region,afganistan,pakistan,uttar prdesh.J&K,Haryana,Punjab today at 00.44hrsist.This is 3rd consecutive quake on a full moon dat since october.Climate-change&Moon movements help us tp predict quakes is my hypothesis&this one 3rd corect prediction on counts of place,time&magnitude.Our scintists say earthquakes can not be predicted,hope now they will admit..yes it can be made.US authrities admitted&said they are working on it.Hope present govt.will recognise my efforts.Very good winter will increase peaks of Himalayan ranges,Tibet Glacier.somemore shocks expected in Xinjiang region&Hindukush region till makar sankramana.shripad phatak.

  2. We are surrounded by plurality,but fanatics are unidirectional & religious text helps them a long way