Sri M said…

Sri-M-15When you churn your mind in meditation, which means, when you delve deeper and deeper into the layers of your mind, the first thing that comes out is not Amrit. The first thing that comes out is poison, because, that’s the only way it can come out and disappear, which is why, many people who start the practice of sadhana, after a while, give up sadhana and take on to other things because that poison has come out. They get carried away by the poison, or they drink the poison.

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  1. Shri Madhav Gopal Pande says:

    Sir, When I start reciting of Aum practice, my dalily life converts into a Hell. Why happens so with me ?

  2. nagalakshmi says:

    Sir, how to identify that poison and how to get rid of that? Perhaps your answer benefits many like me.