Sri M said…

Sri-M-22The insistence is on finding the Truth – going towards the Truth. That word – Truth – seems to be such an important word. Now, what we have to think in this pilgrimage of life is that it is good to be truthful. Why I am saying so is because we live in a world where everything is a lie. One company says this is the best car, another company says that is the best car. Now, who is telling the truth? Either both are telling the truth, which cannot be, or both are lying. Advertisements that we are exposed to are lies. I am not saying lies in the bad sense of the word, but rather untruths or half-truths. This is the world we live in.

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  1. c.p.vijayalakshmi says:

    Namaste. Talking of Truth, many state that the ultimate Truth, the ultimate essence of all things is sheer bliss. (Sathchithaanandaa) My understanding may be wrong. But if that is so, then true Realisation leads to bliss. But at the same time, it is said that our earthly life is temporal and our so called identity here is the play of Maya and our true self cannot be identified with what we call ourselves now. Our true self is a manifestation of the Supreme self we are just reflections of that Divine light. We need to lose this sense of identity with our earthly self to attain the goal in the path of realisation. But when I lose the sense of myself- when all my thoughts and feelings disappear , is it not very scary, very negative like a rudderless ship. whereas Bliss is positive. will I be able to enjoy that bliss consciously. or will I just remain there , all alone in a vast galaxy? The loneliness one envisages is so frightening…..

  2. yoginder sharma says:

    So true, Guru ji,- every word of what you have said is a valid statement of the problem. But what is the solution? How does one find the truth? As per the scriptures and the sages there is only one ULTIMATE TRUTH- the SAT which is the objective truth by whatever name/definition we may call it. And all the rest is subjective realty, as perceived by the observer, hence a half-truth/untruth! So every phenomenal fact is and shall be an untruth/half-truth? Is this understanding then the solution or can humans do any better in pursuit of truth?

  3. Shobha menon says:

    This supreme spirit Sri M speaks in the most practical,elevating manner offering solace to despondent souls.May the great Gurus protect Him