Sri M said…

Sri-M-25One more thing, in your relationship with the spiritual teacher – I won’t even use the word spiritual – in your relationship with the teacher, please be frank, truthful and clear. Don’t try to bluff, because it does not work. The teacher may not tell you that but will understand what’s happening, so be very frank.

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  1. please give me the way to reach you .

  2. nagalakshmi says:


    I am always getting confused with the word Guru . I never sat with any

    any guru with the intention of getting spiritual teaching. However, some

    Masters ignited spiritual interest in me . And the books i read introduced

    me to the teachings of great masters. Recently some of your books provided

    me a lot of knowledge especially regarding Upanishads , Gayatri mantra and

    the teachings of great Rishis of the past . Sir , i never thought people like me can understand Upanishads . I am trying to understand , at least.

    Thus i feel i am indebted to so many masters. Whom shall i call my guru ?

    And what if i perceive all of them as my gurus?

    Does it hamper my progress if i am not able to decide ? Kindly guide me sir.

    Please reply, sir.

    With pranams

  3. its nice n true.