Sri M said…

Sri-M-16The practice of Sadhana is what is known generally as meditation. This meditation is not some kind of mumbo jumbo done behind closed doors; it is merely a method taught to a student by a spiritual teacher who has practiced it himself. It is customised based on the type of student. What stage he or she is in and how much he or she can practice regularly? Therefore, to study and understand this meditation called Sadhana, intimate contact is required between the teacher and the taught, between the student and the teacher. There is no common formula by which millions of human beings can touch their inner self and find true happiness because everyone is made differently, physically, mentally and psychologically.

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  1. अब की बार ले चल “पार”….

  2. BP Putran says:

    I am disciple of Gurdev, attended 3 days convention at Alain UAE in 2014
    ever since I became the disciple of Gurdev, visited Madanapalli last year.

  3. surekha Patil says:

    Beautiful Satsang