Sri M said…

Sri-M-17Ramakrishna Paramahansa had many disciples and each one he treated and taught in different ways and every one of them, at least most of them, turned out at the end to be sages in their own right. Not one technique was the same as the other. The approaches were different. So, what I mean to say is there has to be an intimate contact between the teacher and the student so that the teacher can discover what kind of a student one is and teach accordingly, so that he may proceed at his own pace and come finally to one’s true inner self – the consciousness deep down of us, which by its very nature is full of bliss.

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  1. SUKUMAR NANDY says:

    Revered Sri M,

    I am in likely to attend Gurupurnima.

    May I have your blessings regarding this?

    Sukumar Nandy

  2. Asha Swarup says:

    Shri M how does one find a Guru who engages with you on one to one basis in an intensive manner. You may have a desire to work on yourself but the social world of grihastha keeps you engaged and before you know you are already past sixty. Is there hope for such people ?