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  1. nagalakshmi says:


    I think what you are referring is ” Satchitananda ” the spiritual bliss. The aim of

    doing sadhana is to attain that “bliss’. Naturally, after attaining that blissful

    state, perhaps , sadhana may not be required , as sadhaka becomes one with the bliss.

    Sir, but for most of us, happiness is just is an emotion, Fulfillment is measured
    in terms of materialistic gains, personal achievements, success obtained in careers, family and social relations etc.,

    That kind of happiness is dependent, transitory and conditional. For those satisfied with that happiness , there is no problem, i think.

    But, for those seekers who aspire for eternal bliss , your guidance is

    required in their sadhana.

  2. Shri Madhav Gopal Pande says:

    Sir, I am happy with my self but not satisfied with the system created by these Politicians. Kindly tell me What Sadhna I should do to to improve the Characters of so called these Politicians of our Nation India and to abolish Bhrashtachar. A Student of the Spirituality. 09820349276