Sri M said…

Sri-M-23All Sadhana is not mere meditation. Sadhana has to be complimented by one’s activity in the outside world – how one deals with other human beings and so on. That’s also an essential part of Sadhana, not merely sitting and closing your eyes and pretending to meditate. In fact, my Master used to say that if you sit down with closed eyes without moving for a full hour every day and do it for ten years in the same way and still you don’t hear the crying of a hungry child in your neighbourhood, all your meditation has gone waste.

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  1. Pkmohankumar says:

    Sadhguru absolutely ! Karma yogi the world needs you most ! Meditation is only an eye opener !

  2. seema Rajendra says:

    Yes there should be balance between inner and outer world

  3. seema Rajendra says:

    Yes very true

  4. Sadhguru, Hari Aum Tat Sat. You are quite practical and the same thoughts are coming to me just after,pretending meditation for the last two years but I am not able to understand that from where I should start social service.I am Jack of all trades but master of none.can you guide me ? May I come to your shelter to with a hope to walk on your foot prints. A student of Truth in the search of real SPIRITUALITY. 9820349276.