Sri M said…

Sri-M-25If you really feel happy by doing good to others, by recognizing the divine spark in others, then you are already an advanced soul who needs very little of any other kind of meditation. But, if you look carefully enough, you see that this is not always so. Sometimes you are kind; sometimes you are not. You are not uniformly kind all the time.

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  1. nagalakshmi says:

    This is true with me too. I hope that meditation will help me overcome this.

  2. Yes it is true we are subjective..sometimes help others and some other time ignore them conveniently…an oft i think who are we to help others.. the ‘me’ in me is afraid to face the vacant fathomless space that stares in between thoughts and action …iam running to fill up that space with anything and everything out there.. i have no escape iam trapped in this helping others is as well an escape from the self.. for that matter everything is an escape from oneself…please respond

  3. simikrishna says:

    yes it is true..iam not uniformly kind..why it is so?

  4. Dr.P.Umesh Chander Pal says:

    THank you for the guidance, Guruji.Pranams

  5. Interesting sir.. i will check myself…………….introspection retrospection is must….

  6. I am in the second category. What should I do come in the first category.? Man nahin sadhta hamesha.