Sri M said…

sri-M-26Most of what we call kindness that takes place or is expressed is only when we are not threatened or when we don’t feel that something is going to be taken away from us or that our rights are being trampled upon. I can tell you that anyone who meditates, anyone who’s moving towards the spiritual goal, becomes kinder, more helpful by the very nature of one’s ‘sadhana’. (He) does good to others and definitely, at least, not cause harm to others.

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  1. Nirmal Kumar Rout says:

    When you are stressing so much on kindness to others, do we take it that we should only practice to be kind rather than going for any sadhana?

  2. But That Kindness is misunderstood and it gives the result of Murder. It is said that KALIYUG MEN DAYA HATYA KE SAMAN HAI. When We show kindness to any one without his or her demand,he/or she takes the meaning of our weakness. I do not know whether you will agree with me because my nature is helping the person without his or her telling but my walk on the spirituality is about 3 years old. Madhav- A Student of the Truth 098203492. I am not arguing it is my experience of showing kindness while walking on the path of Spirituality. Zigyasu.