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  1. Nirmal Kumar Rout says:

    Can any one be complete except the Supreme?

  2. This is an interesting thought that I have spent quite some time reflecting on. I thought completeness and giving were part of the same circle. One has to give to become more complete and as one becomes more complete one gives more (More in the sense of quality rather than quantity). I also thought that we gave what we thought we have and (for some at least), in order to receive more. Giving thus leads to more spaces to receive and fill, and as we fill spaces, we can give more. When we become complete, we can give all and receive all. What I am thinking over then is ” are completeness and giving an absolute or are they relative terms”?

  3. Yes You are 100% right.The who is not complete makes a noise more and does actually nothing.Empty vessels make much noise. But who is complete he give everything by his right hand and even the left hand will not come to know. Completion is completion at all

  4. Sir ji, How can one know that he /she is complete. Regards.