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Sri-M-29I’d say when I use the word meditation it includes the word introspection. You can’t meditate without introspection. Now when I say introspection, it means to give complete attention to something – to an idea or to a form or to an icon or to an image or even to a sound. It is to give what you call Shraddha – the complete attention to something. This is known as introspection, which means one is exclusively thinking and unraveling the different layers of one’s own mind.

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  1. Paul March says:

    Pranams Guruji. Hari Om. Ram Ram.

    Do you enjoin devotees to give complete attention to something, to think and to unravel, so as to realize, at the deepest level of being, that all forms whether they be icons, images,sounds, have no reality; no independent nature of their own? Is unraveling the different layers of a mind something like peeling away, (unraveling), the layers of an onion? If you keep peeling away, as you know, there will be nothing of an onion left . . . but not nothing.

    The word Shraddha leads me to think of faith and a knowing expectancy but I am not sure about its relationship to introspection. If you don’t mind, would you say more, please, about Shraddha and how it pertains to introspection?

    Guruji, thank-you so very much for your kindness in considering these difficulties of mine. Jai Sri Krishna.