Sri M said…

Sri-M-quotes-3There is a great advantage if you have a real spiritual teacher. I’m not talking about the spiritual teacher who is in the race of trying to collect disciples. I am talking about a person – a spiritual teacher who is seriously interested in leading one from confusion to understanding, from unhappiness to happiness and from uncertainty and illusion to reality. If one, fortunately, finds that kind of teacher and develops a personal relationship with the teacher, then it would certainly be a great advantage.

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  1. simikrishna says:

    beloved M,
    Then why don’t you call Nirmal yet?

  2. This is someone I would look upto for guidance.

  3. I agree!
    I arrived to mysore a week ago,
    Looking for a yoga teacher,
    One who teach the whole yoga and not just asanas or pranayama,
    So far i didn’t find one like that..

  4. Sir, I have reached up to the age of 65 but I have not yet become a real student therefore I am still awaiting to come a real teacher in my Life. My Remaining Life span of this body is just about 6 MONTHS only. Can you be my real Teacher. I do not want to realize any thing but I desire to see the Milestone of my Spiritual Journey, Can You help me. A Seeker of the Truth 09820349276.

  5. Thank you for great words of wisdom. Is it also in ones destiny that a true guru comes in ones life.

  6. Maruthi Srinivasan says:

    so true, it is difficult find a true spiritual teacher these days