Sri M said…

Sri-M-4There is a spiritual law that when a person, an aspirant, a seeker seriously searches for a spiritual teacher or longs for a spiritual guide, a teacher appears. One does not have to run around the Himalayas looking for a teacher. The question is, is one ready? Is one really serious, as serious as one who is trying to build up a bank balance?

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  1. Manisha says:

    Very beautifully said.
    Pranam Guruji.

  2. I do belive it’s True!
    I was looking for a teacher, then waited for few days and he arrived!
    Thanks to the yoga and the great

  3. simikrishna says:

    beloved M,
    building up of bank balance is unfamiliar, far away from my hands but I can say longing is as serious as I am taking care to oshin my daughter.

  4. Sir, I am on wait because I am quite agree with you because When Guava is ready the Parrot comes and taste it. Considering this Example I am doing Certain drama of Spiritual activities as per my wits ,knowledge and will of the God, But I am 65 and leaving this body on 24th January, 2017. Would you Like to help me to show the Mile Stone of the Spiritual Journey because I am not in hurry to realize the SELF but I am in hurry to know the right Path. A Student of the Truth From Dombivli ( West ) Mumbai. Would you or any one would like to help to show the mile stone of my inner journey. If any one is on pity on me : Kindly ask me to contact you, My Mobile is : 09820349276.