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Sri-M-7Destiny, in my view, is only a blueprint. There is destiny and there is free will. People say, “Oh! It is my destiny” generally only when they fail. When they are working for and taste success, they think they are doing everything. When one fails, one says, “Oh! This is my destiny.” One also has free will to do the best thing in that situation, although one cannot have any control over that situation which comes from the past.

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  1. Ashit Singh Janeja says:

    Dearest and most kind Teacher,

    If there is no control over the past then whats the point ?
    Destiny arising out of the past will continue to interfere with the present and occupy my mind and interfere with my progress to spirituality.

    Then in this life I will only struggle with no measurable benefits and potential to fall back to means of the past imprint that caused suffering in this life ?

    How do I get out of this vicious cycle, because if it stays this way I will keep on wanting material happiness even though I am able to demean it to some degree ?

    How to exit from this situation ?

  2. Salutations to the most enlightened master.
    So humans have an ability only to control the degree of positivity or negativity of any given situation and not to alleviate bad consequences or to invite a good consequence of any incident (happening or situation) . If so, where’s the scope of earning karmic merit for earning more enlightened subsequent Janmas when he/she is tethered to the blue print of this Janmas which itself is a direct consequence of previous births?

  3. But on the turning points of our life, someone comes, stand for us and go away. I do not understand that What it is. Is it Destiny or Free Will. Free Wiil to do but Destiny to happen. This is the essence of my life who is 65 on today. Madhav

  4. Manisha says:

    Shree gurubhyo namah