Sri M said…

Sri-M-10Although we call India ‘Karmabhoomi’, today few people look at the spiritual content of India’s scriptures.
I am not talking about the Gurus and all such things. Very few people do that.
We have also become like any other country today. So, we really don’t have a message.
The message was there and I think it can still be revived.

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  1. Everything is already said.., study The scriptures and really dive into meditation will bring a change on a personal level, and by that eventually on global level. Anyway, we need true spiritual masters, not only in India, but also in the west! Where are they, where are the enlightened beings?

  2. It seems like in the process of “one to the many and many to the one” we are so deep into “the many” that the sense of fragmentation is extreme; fragmentation into individual parts that seem disparate. I observe already a longing for an important message that unifies self inside and unifies selves outside. I wonder what that message will be; or who from? Like all messages it will be a revival, but somehow refreshed.

    I observe the extreme nature of individual opinion – and the relative comfort and anonymity of making it public – actually weakens the sense of self. Without the discourse with ‘other’ – I mean real discourse, not just shouting a one-sided opinion into the atmosphere – the individual feels lost.

    Somehow a refreshed message will provide a relief. Be interesting to see what form that takes.