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  1. C.P,Jhamb says:

    Religiousness is a spirit for concern , care, courtesy and kindness for others. Religion unites human beings and not divides. Since a man is selfish by nature, he forgets about it when it comes to losing the ground on account of caste, colour, creed, financial or social constraints. So he has to be reminded every now and then by great people like Sri M to understand the true meaning of religion that there is only one gate for Entry and Exit.

  2. Sir, Humble Namaskar.
    What a lovely thought you have provoked! In so far as religion is a journey to go “someplace” achieve “something” … Whether the journey is taken internally or whether through external submissions to some places or rituals or walking around somewhere as you put it – it should lead to the same destination, isn’t it? Thank you for your lovely autobiography which I am reading right now. It is nectar for the thirsty. Gautam

  3. nagalakshmi says:




    Is it possible to alleviate violence,terrorism and unrest in the world through mass
    meditation and appealing to Parama gurus for restoring peace ?

    If so, i request and pray that you kindly take such initiative and organize such mass meditation . When so many hearts join and pray together under your guidance, i am sure THEY do something about it.

    Kindly consider my request., Sir !

  4. Yes, spirit of concen for oneself is no different front the spirit of concern for others.

  5. It is a spirit of concern for oneself.

  6. AMRISH SINHAA says:

    Obviously, one requires religiousness in one’s heart only. Religiousness is a way that leads one’s journey. However, a religious place has some positive aura which allows nourishment to the food for thought..hence courage for always being humble and grateful to the almighty and humanity.

  7. We can be real religious when we travel through our own journey instead of outer articles, situations and persons. The brave person has to fight against the distortions in his own dimensions inside. The religious does not limit to only rituals but to the overall behavior of an entity from within to outside world.