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Sri-M-23There are two ways of doing it (keeping the slate clean). One is by realizing that it is important to have your slate clean. It means don’t carry your anger, hatred, stupidity and poisonous feelings against others from one day to the next. When you go to sleep, can we leave it in the bed and get up in the morning afresh? And say, ‘It’s okay! Yesterday is gone, can we be fresh?’ Two, all the knowledge that we gain from books and becomes a big load on our head has to be cleansed daily. And, how do we cleanse it? You cleanse it either with good activity, doing good to somebody or by doing activities like listening to beautiful music – so that you are totally absorbed in it and are not filled up with rubbish.

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  1. nagalakshmi says:

    Guruvu Garu,

    Both of your suggestions are very good and practical.

    Kindly bless me with enough chitta suddhi and mental stamina necessary to follow them strictly .


  2. Aneri Desai says:

    It feels great to read your write up everyday.I feel very motivated and it keeps reminding me of continuously trying and never give up.I will always try to implement it in my daily life.Thank you sir!!