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Sri-M-quotes-3You know that the ultimate aim of spiritual fulfillment is to find the Truth – Satya. In fact, there are people whose only desire is to find the Truth. There may not be many, but there are. Such people are called ‘Satya-kaamas’, people whose only desire is to reach the Truth. Now, to reach The Truth, you have to start with being truthful, practically in day-to-day life. You cannot expect to find the Universal Truth and speak lies all 24 hours, day in and dayout. Then, you are under an illusion. You may think that you have found the Truth, but it may not be the Truth. If you cannot implement truth in your day-to-day existence, how can you find the Universal Truth?

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  2. Satyajit, Hari Aum Tat Sat, Many many thanks,May God bless you to tell the practice of speaking truth to know The Absolute Truth. I would try to follow it. With regards, your Madhav,09820349276 from Dombivli ( Mumbai ).