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Sri-M-18In the Manu Dharma Sutras, there is a beautiful description of how the householder should live. It says the householder – after he has finished his morning activities – should meditate on God and then cook his food. After cooking the food, he should dedicate it to God. Then he should come outside, stand near the gate and say three times, loud enough, ‘Is there anyone hungry?’ If there is no response, then he should proceed to eat. If there is a response, he should call them in, feed them first and eat what is left. That’s an ideal householder!

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  1. nagalakshmi says:

    Namaskarams Guruvu garu!

    I am very happy. Manu Dharma sastras have been mentioned by you in a most respectable way. Now a days there are very few who read them and understood in the right perspective. But there are many who ridicule and blame Manu dharma Sastras , referring to his words like ‘ Na Stree swatantra Marhasi’ conveniently forgetting the other words before and after those expressions.

    Any Dharma Sastra needs to be understood in the context of the time and place and society for which it was given. But in every Dharma Sastra there are universally and eternally applicable things. We need to take the essence and adopt in accordance with our times and conveniences.

    Guruvu garu, It will be very nice if you can write a commentary ( bhashaym) on Manu Dharma Sastra in your own way. It will benefit so many .

    Namaskarams once again!

  2. Shri M Ji, I shall be highly obliged, if you inform whether you are following this practice , in your life practically. Madhav from Mumbai:-) 9820349276

  3. c c banerjee says:

    Is it practicably feasible these days when tens/hundreds of ill-fed, unfed
    people are around?In fact, instructions of our old shastras need be
    suitably mended keeping, however, the basic theme in tact.

  4. ATAM MAHARAJ says:

    This is a noble thought but in this age, perhaps not very practical especially busy people living in cities when we shun beggars in our daily lives
    and as with some charities that have very high overheads or corrupt.
    as in the news recently of millions of dollars given to terrorists siphoned from World Vision, which brings bad karma to the donor.
    Yes, neighborhood communities can organize and distribute food to the needy as some are already doing this or food recovery from caterers and restaurants that food normally go to waste.