Sri M said..

Sri-M-11When you run away from the world, the world follows you. When you are hankering for it, it beats you. So, when you are free of it, you’ll see that everybody wants to give you something, everything is coming to you. Then, you have to be very careful saying, ‘This is one obstacle. I have to be very careful. Otherwise, I’ll lose my balance and sink’. You have to tackle it carefully.

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  1. Balagopal says:

    Namaskaram! Dear Sir,

    As always its with a heavy heart that I contact you as physically it seems well nigh impossible to meet! But thanks to this medium and more thankful to the medium of the Mind, we are always Connected.

    Allow me to touch your feet although distance separates us.
    Permit me a corner of your great mind where I can unload.
    Permit me to enjoy the soothing thoughts you propound in a frame of mind ripened by sweet memories.
    By your sacred resolve give me the liberation that all satsangis crave for.
    So that I will be free from the wheel of karma for ever!

    We Love you Sir!

    Balagopal (I am now ”parked” at Amritapuri, Amma’s ashram where I work in the International marketing Division of Amrita Technologies, the software company.)

  2. Ajitkumar says:

    Can we carry the knowledge you have acquired this life to our next life.