Sri M said…

Sri-M-4How long can you desire something after another? You have a house; you have a steady income, good enough. There is no limit to desires. It will go on expanding; there is nothing you can do about it. So, at some point, say – enough is enough, forget it, there is something more important. Nobody knows when you are going to die. Who knows? Therefore, keep your mind under check.

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  1. A B KULKARNI says:

    A very good thought. A man has unlimited aspirations and desires till he dies.

  2. Until I realize their futility,
    and become debt free.
    I only sometimes see
    their stay, appearance, and disappearance.
    I’m trying to cook simultaneously
    the extrinsic in the fire of analysis,
    and the intrinsic in the fire of action.
    The intrinsic when popped disappears
    and lessens my debt.
    The intrinsic when not fully popped
    grows a little more.
    The extrinsic not cooked
    becomes innate adding to my debt.
    Oh my god, make me debt free.
    Thou are the master cook!
    Please cook me full,
    and pop me debtless.