Sri M said…

Sri-M-1Guru Purnima is meant for all the Gurus. With Guru Purnima, we are remembering the essence of ‘teacher-hood’. All the Gurus, who have been with us from time immemorial, they all bow to the Supreme Being as the Guru. There’s no one who does not bow to the Supreme Being. In fact, it is the Supreme Reality – whatever be the name you want to use – which manifests itself in a teaching mode in someone, whom you call a Guru.

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  1. Rajashekhar Adikenavar says:

    My salute to my Gurudev Sri M today on Teacher’s Day. Ananta ‘koti’ ‘koti’ ‘pranaams’ to my beloved Gurudev. Bless me O Gurudeva, hold my hand & lead me the ultimate destiny of my life. I m yearning fr long to b led by u.

  2. My pranam to beloved guruji sri m