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Sri-M-7Decide that I am going to look at myself in a mirror – which is not clouded by my own prejudices – in which I can actually see my image. And if I see some flaws, I should start correcting them. I am here to enter your hearts, and teach you how to move forward and the first step is to examine yourself. Don’t blame others. Look at yourself. The problem may be you, not the other person. It is so easy to blame another person. I am a good person, and this guy is not behaving properly – this is how it is. Can we look at ourselves?

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  1. namaskar . very good as ideal . but in practical life i have some reservations about this . bad people can take advantage of good people if this ideal is followed by good people . other wise the ideal is very goods if all have awakened their knowlege level – internal and external . to understand this we need good education internal and external and experience . thanks for the ideal sir .