Sri M said…

sri-m-13Non-violence does not mean an external manifestation of being not harmful to others alone. Nonviolence is a state of mind. I have seen this happen with my Master – with whom I lived in the Himalayas for many years – that if you cease to hate or not feel hatred or never hurt another living being, even the wild animals become happy in your presence.

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  1. nagalakshmi says:

    Masterji, Namaskaram.

    It is OK , we keep away from hating or hurting others. The real problem comes

    when some one is going on hurting us.We try to tolerate and forget. But at some time

    we become weak and tend to retaliate.

    I request you to guide us how not to get hurt by others in .spite of their continuous nagging.

  2. Ramos Lydia says:

    Haa ok, state of mind
    May my hate be destroy for ever and not hurt another living being more….
    Thank you Sri M
    Please receive my pranam at yours Holy Feets . Pranam
    Om namah shivay

  3. I jave read:
    Sound will liberate us !
    Could you elaborate!