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sri-m-6“Sat-chit-ananda” is a three-syllable word— ‘Sat’, ‘Chitta’ and ‘Ananda’. ‘Sat’ meaning reality, ‘Chitta’ meaning consciousness and ‘Ananda’ means bliss (not ordinary happiness which has an end). The Tantras call it ‘anantam anandam bramha’— that “ananda” which has no ‘anta’, is what we are actually looking for.

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  1. Very difficult to achieve..

  2. Being – conscious – bliss……could it be described as …Joy ?
    some one told me there are really only two pathways to spiritual evolution,
    1 suffering
    2 Joy

    its seems the second is harder to manufacture, we human`s seem to choose suffering hands down.
    well im all for manifesting more Joy/Bliss ..xxxxx