Sri M said…

sri-m-10Most of the activities of the world that we perform, based on the assumption that we are the body, binds us down to the earth. Karma Yoga is the theory or teaching that says that if you can act knowing fully that you are actually the supreme free self and not the body, then, none of these activities can bind you to sorrow.

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  2. Dr.P.Umesh Chander Pal says:

    Thank you, Sathsang Balaji sir and the Media team, for restoring e mail connection. Hope it will persist now, without break, Thx Sir.

  3. Gurucharan Padki says:


    How can I learn Karma yoga?


  4. Firstly I m confused what should I write to u swami/guruji or what……

    Whether Karma yog is supreme or Bhakti yog???