Sri M said…

Satsang is very important; you become according to the company you keep.
If you live with people who talk of the Truth, who do japa, kirtan and bhajan,
then you become like them in a short while.
If you live in Satsang with such people, your mind also becomes like theirs.
If you live with people who think of which whisky to drink next, you will become like that.It is but natural.

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  1. Very very true…. I have experienced….

  2. Test of One Not Being in The Right Company completing the take I took on Shankara’s statement above.

    A natural question is how to test if the company (सङ्ग) is right (सत) or not.
    One test per Rajneesh…is to test using Shankara’s hypothesis.
    If in the right company (सत्सङ्ग), one would be more and more detached (निःसङ्गत्त्वम्‌).
    So by contraposition, if not getting detached, the company one is in can not be right.

    Watch yourself, if you are not getting more and more detached while continuing
    in a given company, that company is definitely not the right company; therefore
    escape/run. This assumes, Shankara’s hypothesis that right company (सत्सङ्ग) leads
    to detachment (निःसङ्गत्त्वम्‌), and therefore it contraposition must be true,

    So getting more and more entangled/attached is definitely an indication of wrong (NOT right) company.
    But getting less and less entangled/attached however may not be say anything on the quality of the company
    we keep…and it is entirely possible that factors completely different from our so called companionship may
    are driving our detachment, and if you are in this context, the whole talk of companionship good or bad
    may not be relevant at all…

  3. Satsangatve Nissangatvam

    Nissangatve Nirmohatvam

    Nirmoatvam Nishchalattvam

    Nishcalattvam Jiivanmuktih