Sri M said…

The ‘sadhak’ has to be very careful. I’m not trying to frighten anybody away from the spiritual path. The Upanishads have described the spiritual path as ‘Shurasya dhaara’—meaning it’s like walking on the ‘edge of a razor’.
It is dangerous and difficult. To walk on the edge of a razor?
You can get cut, or you may fall this side or that side.
So, therefore, it is quite a serious affair. It is not entertainment.

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  1. sreekanth tm says:

    Namaskkaram guruji…Nammal tammil jeevitattil chilappo eniyum..kandennu varam..

  2. Beautiful KU 1.3.14:
    क्षुरस्य धारा निशिता दुरत्यया ॥
    दुर्गमं पथः तत् कवयः वदन्ति ॥

    The beauty of the thing is that ego disappears under imminent danger (e.g. when walking on the edge of the razor).

  3. isnt it shoolasya?

    • Biswa R. Patnaik says:

      Sri M in his original post wrote, “Shurasya dhaara”. I assume ‘Shurasya’ is simply a typo in transliteration. Razor in Sanskrit is ‘kSura’, and edge is ‘dhAra’ in Sanskrit.

      By the way, Somerset Maugham (sp?) wrote a book called ‘Razor’s Edge’, which was later turned into a movie with the same name, starring Bill Murray. I very much liked the movie.

    • Biswa R. Patnaik says:

      By the way, while writing the original follow up, I knew I was missing something. Now I know what it is. It is one of Vivekananda’s often quoted line, ‘ Arise, Awake, stop not till the goal is reached’.

      So the complete aphorism/verse# 1.3.14 runs like this:

      uttiSThata jAgrata (Arise, Awake)
      prApya barAn nibodhata (stop not till the goal is reached) |
      kSurasya dhArA nishitA duratyayA (it is as if walking on a razor’s edge in utter darkness difficult to transcend)
      durgam pathah tat kabayah badanti (difficult indeed is the path, so claim those who have walked such as Sri M) ||1.3.14||

      English translation are my own words based on my rudimentary high school sanskrit; therefore apologies for any errors/omissions/additions).

  4. gaduputivenkatesu says:

    yes master as it is spiritual path itself journey on the edge of a razor , one should be aware to reach his destination , One who wanted to reach he must be with the masters to share, where he reached and what problems he encountered and to know to get ride of problems to move ahead. To reach his desired destination… In addition to that One should have faith on his journey what he known through the masters. As they will guide in every fraction of second as a physical or astral or through Nature at times he needs.. certainly He will reach ….

  5. Pauline McNamee says: