Sri M said…

If one understands that one is not the body but rather the inner-self that is consciousness, then one begins to understand how to deal with sorrow. But, unless sorrow comes, one does not realize the unreality of existence and wake up from it.
Sorrow shakes one up. Happiness is a kind of chloroform.
It anesthetizes and puts one to sleep. It is like having one peg too many.Morning, you wake up with a hangover.

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  1. absolutely Amazing

  2. kalavathi selvaraj says:

    Beloved Baba,

    Atma Pranam!

    What you have said can only be understood by people who have experienced that bliss. And what an example you have given in comparison!! Many times like an addicted person we get the urge to sit and experience the inner happiness.

    Aum Shree Gurubhyo Namaha.

  3. yes master One who realizes Consciousness ,He deals every thing just like drama. whether it is sorrow or Happy. As both are running simultaneously for the sake of learning . HE march ahead with Consciousness…With the blessings of creator.