Sri M said…

Look inside our minds and we will see we have hundreds of images and it’s because of these images we get hurt, our ego expands and we have so many problems! “I believe that I am an intelligent man”, then, somebody pricks the ego by saying: “You are a bloody fool”. Hearing this, I am terribly upset. Why? Because I have created an image that I am an intelligent man.

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  1. if i am doing meditation or beej mantra from long years…. my subconsious mind has been stored many things with reaction how to clear akashik recordings (sanchit) (sushugna nadi or chitra nadi)


  2. koti koti naman vandan pranam

    Really the key words just i gone through is message for life

    if i found bottom cause of anger how to get rid of it

    pls reply

    Thanks from bottom of heart



  3. Respected yogiraj,
    So how to overcome this problem of false ego, false image creation.
    Is it possible by doing pranaam & meditation.