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  1. Aneri Desai says:

    What is sadhna in daily life?

  2. Dr.P.Umesh Chander Pal says:

    Sri Gurubhyo Namaha _()_

    Tamil translation of the above quote, submitted to the Master”s feet. _()_

    ஸ்ரீ எம் கூறினார்:

    “நான் சுயமாக நினைப்பது என்னவென்றால், நாம் செய்யும் யோகா சாதனாக்கள்–யோகப்பயிற்சிகள் எல்லாமே கடவுளைத்தேடுவதற்க்கான,அந்த உண்மையைத் தேடுவதற்க்கான பசி என்றுதான் கூறுவேன்.அந்தப்பசி,மிக அதிகமாகிவிடும்போது கடவுள் உன் வாசற்படியில்நிற்பார்”.


  3. Thank You Master for so simple & Heart touching guidelines.

  4. Yogesh Raje says:

    Would like to receive all quotes and information

  5. Thank u master for your message . who are the seeker and non seekers are loved by God . who are eager in search of God they will make sadhana , I hope non seekers in journey of life and incarnations, they must seek and search to his blessings With sadhana . When any one seek he will be known with the blessings of God.
    I personally feel we are nowhere on the cosmos, just we are puppets on his hand without any identity.( Identity disappears when he leaves his body and his fame and everything meantime) The body and its contents run the show of life on his mercy. you have clearly said that everyone should leave from this earth who have taken body with panchabhutas. Before leaving from this beautiful earth One should live with peace and Tranquility with helping hand , as they are companions of the journey of life to share the knowledge of life given by HIM.