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Sri-M-11There is nothing to fear and to live with this understanding is called holistic living. Holistic living is to live with the understanding the blissful Supreme Being pervades the entire universe and we are a part of it! To live like that, it has to be worked out in your mind. This is not a fantasy but a fact. The actual process by which this is made possible is known as ‘sadhana’—meditation.

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  1. D P Sangar IFS (retd) says:

    It is true , living without fear is like living in the supreme bliss. Everyone yearns for that state of mind. But for a common man a little fear is in the very nature e.g fear of wrong doing, fear of failure, fear of loss etc etc. How can a poor man with a meager means of livelihood and burdened with family responsibilities live without fear?
    ……… DP Sangar IFS ( retd ), Pb