Sri M said…

Sri-M-on happiness foundWhen I’m enjoying something, there is also a hidden element of unhappiness attached to it. This is because I’m afraid that the thing, which I am enjoying, might disappear any moment. If I have common sense, I must know that I can’t enjoy the whole thing all the time. So, the moment I enjoy something, there is already a hidden agenda of holding on to it, because it might slip away. This itself is unhappiness, you see. So, in happiness, there is a small element of unhappiness involved.

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  1. Saurab Basu says:

    Absolutely… That’s the reason, the mind should be detached from all materialistic moments and the body should perform the duties, we are here to perform.. With that the Soul indeed should keep searching the eternal bliss, something that can never end and thus never be lost….Om

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  3. Is it because of this we feel that, when we laugh too much, we say,’i have laughed so much, i am afraid i may have to face something bad or sad “? Invariably it also happens so.


    you said every thing just when I need it

  5. It is learnt that happiness and unhappiness are the 2 sides ​of the coin.but how the great masters,mystics always enjoy the perpetual bliss as if there is no pain of losing anything?.