Sri M said…

When the mind has almost ceased to move, when the mind remains in its original state of no action and no movement, absolutely still, then, something takes place, which we may call the understanding of the reality – not before that. Now, to get there (the original state), one has to surrender – surrender to quietness, surrender to the understanding that, there is something that cannot be sought and found by the limited mind, which is built up of limited inputs, coming through the limited senses.

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  1. Is it necessary that in future there should be a time when every human is at this state of mind. Is that the purpose of this availability of a natural method for a person to be there? Or is it merely that few souls have, over many lives, experienced enough and now through the present life should go beyond the body while conscious about it. Because clearly everyone is not intuitive about what’s beyond the intellect.

  2. thank you thank you thank you for this reminder this morning.