Sri M said…

The Upanishads go further: ‘nothing that you worship here is the ‘Supreme Being’! This is what the Keno Upanishad says: Yen manasa na manuta yena ahur mano matan tadeva Brahma twam viddhi nedam yad idam upasate – that which the mind cannot reach, but which is the basis of the mind, know That alone is the Truth, nothing that you worship here. When he says, ‘nothing that you worship’, it does not mean that you are not supposed to do any worship. It means no activity – pravritti – on your part can bring about the realization of the Supreme. In fact, no pravritti can bring about – it is nivritti marga. Therefore, when the mind becomes quiet and when quietness enters, then ‘That’ is revealed.

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  1. Manjunatha. says:

    It is very hard or impossible to comprehend what is ‘That’.for some reasons I love and like katopanishad.if ones worship,or penace,or charities or whatever he does to perceive’ that’is beyond his capacity or understanding. It is like ‘it hits whomsoever it chooses’ our efforts of any kind will not open the quiet the mind by efforts leads to neurological problems.what is there beyond all these abstraction.?why can’t it happen here and now?.